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Conrad Beck Fisher is a main character in the Prime Video original series, The Summer I Turned Pretty. He is portrayed by Christopher Briney.

Conrad is a straight-A student and a star athlete. Conrad has always been responsible and serious — and the boy that Belly has yearned for her whole life. Belly arrives at his family’s summer house to discover that Conrad has become moody and distant — something has changed in him, but he’s not saying what.

Conrad always seemed to have the answers - until the past couple of years turned his world upside down. Now, he’s finishing up his freshman year of college and still having a hard time asking others for help.


Conrad is the first-born child of Susannah and Adam Fisher, and the older brother of Jeremiah. The pair grew up in New York but visited Cousins Beach every Summer with their mom's best friend Laurel Park and her two kids, Steven and Belly. Conrad was always a sweet, kind-hearted, athletic boy who hung out with the group despite being a few years older than them.

When Jeremiah was little, he made amazing sandwiches. Conrad, whose sandwich making skills were PB&J at best, convinced Jeremiah that crust made his hair grow curly. Jere wanted straight hair so he never touched the sandwiches, so Conrad finished them off. Jeremiah got back him when he peed in Conrad's lunchbox.[1]

On Belly's fifteenth summer, a drunk Jeremiah and Conrad dared an also drunk Steven to pee in the fireplace which stunk up the house for days. Laurel blamed the neighbor's cat for the incident.[2]

Throughout The Summer I Turned Pretty[]

Season 1[]

TSITP 1x01 6016

Conrad sees Belly.

Conrad patiently awaits the arrival of Laurel, Steven, and Belly for their latest Summer at Cousins Beach. When they arrive, Conrad emerges from the side of the house and locks eyes with Belly, who has changed a lot since the last summer. His first remarks is that he likes her better with glasses, but she likes herself better without them. Jeremiah and Steven declare it's time for a belly flop. The boys chase Belly until the grab her, carry her to the pool, and throw her in. She feigns a sprained ankle to trick Conrad into helping her. She pulls him into the pool as retribution, making him laugh.

TSITP 1x01 6018

Conrad jokes with the boys.

The families sit for dinner. Laurel critiques Steven for being on his phone as she wants a screen-free zone. The boys' joke about their physiques until Steven asks Conrad when he leaves for training camp. Jeremiah reveals that Conrad quit football, shocking the Conklin-Park family. Conrad isn't fazed as he was just going to sit on the bench all season and isn't changing his mind about quitting, either. He doesn't have any other plans for the summer, refusing Steven's suggestion to work at the country club with him and Jere. Susannah gives Belly a surprise, an invitation to the debutante ball. It's when a girl comes of age and is presented to society, an event that's more fun than it sounds. Girls come from all over and it's a good place for Belly to meet new friends. Laurel balks at the archaic dream, but it's more about networking, getting leadership skills, and benefitting charity. Steven laughs at the idea of Belly being mature - citing a cat funeral for reference of her immaturity. Laurel doesn't think she would like it, though Belly agrees to think about it.

What'll you give me if I do

"What'll you give me if I do?" Conrad to Belly.

Belly goes for a night swim while Conrad sits by the edge smoking pot. She recites his criticism against smoking pot, expressing her disapproval through his words. He exasperatedly asks if she memorizes everything he's ever said. She tells him to get over himself, but still thinks he should quit. He asks what she'll give him in return, but he should do it for himself. He wonders why she's considering the debutante thing as it isn't her. She isn't sure but doesn't have much else going on. He doesn't want his mom to make her a little doll because she never had a daughter herself. Belly confronts him for acting differently this summer. He tries to deny it but she knows him. He begins to tell her until Jeremiah and Steven burst outside, ready for the bonfire. Belly wants to come with but Steven refuses to let her come. Jere tells her the moms are setting up for their annual movie night.

TSITP 1x01 6019

Conrad sees Belly at the bonfire party.

Belly sneaks out of the house to attend the bonfire but falls when she walks into the party. Conrad looks up from making out with a girl wearing a Red Sox cap. Belly thought he hated the Red Sox. The girl is Nicole, the girl Conrad took to the deb ball last Summer. Belly counters that Conrad told her deb balls are bullshit and debs are sheep. He calls her a brat so she calls him an asshole.

TSITP 1x01 6022

Conrad gets into a fight.

Later in the night, Conrad gets into a fight with a fellow partygoer and things escalate to a physical fight. Belly tries to diffuse the situation but is accidentally elbowed in the face by the partygoer. Conrad instantly tries to see if she's okay, but the guy he's fighting with pushes him and they end up wrestling on the sand. The cops show up so everyone disperses. Jere gets Conrad up off the ground, breaking up the fight, and then puts Conrad in the back of his car. He tells Belly to get in. She wants Cam to give her a ride home but Jere refuses to let her get in a car with a guy she just met. He introduces himself as Cam, correcting to Cameron, so Jeremiah jabs that his name is "Cam Cameron". Belly argues that they aren't total strangers as they met in the seventh grade. Jere is unmoving in his position and tells her to get in the car. Cam concedes that she should go but invites her to the whale-watching boat at dawn. She agrees to come - after all, he'll need his hoodie back. She kisses him then gets in the car.

TSITP 1x01 6024

Conrad plays with Belly's hair.

They start to leave when Jere remembers Steven. He runs out to find him, leaving Belly and Conrad alone. He remarks that her hair is like a little kid's, the way it's always messy. He touches her hair, making her shudder. A cop knocks on the window to ask if they've been drinking.

TSITP 1x01 6025

Conrad gets scolded by Laurel.

The kids are dropped off at home by a police officer. Steven argues that it's not a big deal, but she disagrees; getting arrested for underage drinking is a big deal. Steven asks if the moms have been smoking, but Laurel lies that they haven't. Laurel warns to keep their voices down as Susannah is asleep. Jere reveals that he was the DD tonight. Laurel scolds Conrad for being the oldest but not having responsibility. She turns to Belly, wondering when she left the house and what she's wearing. She walked to the beach which Laurel dislikes, prompting Belly to lash out that she's not a kid anymore. If they want to be treated like adults, they should act like one. Tonight, could have ended differently if the Fisher's weren't the Fisher's. The kids go to bed and Conrad refuses to open up with Laurel. Before bed, Conrad covers Susannah, who's sleeping on the couch, with a blanket.

TSITP 1x01 6028

Conrad smiles at Belly.

By dawn, Belly goes to the beach where she sits with Conrad. She had fun last night but he calls it a shit show. She'll have a black eye tomorrow, too. She asks if he remembers anything from last night. He always remembers everything when he drinks. She asks for a puff of his weed, but he refuses. They go back and forth with "no" and "yes" until Conrad admits that Laurel would kill him. She proclaims that if she can't smoke, then he can't smoke. She's the same old Belly. He wants to pick up some muffins before the others get up, but she has somewhere to be - she has to see a whale. He questions what that means but she runs off, ignoring him.[3]

TSITP 1x02 6029

A hangover Conrad

The next morning, Jeremiah complains about having to sit for his portrait. Laurel quotes Susannah - she wants to capture their essence while he's still young and full of hope. He jokes that Conrad is hopeless, though his hangover smoothie cures all. Conrad complains from the sofa while Jeremiah kicks Steven out of the kitchen for watching him too closely. Conrad is given his smoothie by Jeremiah.

TSITP 1x02 6048

Conrad looks at Belly.

Belly comes in and Laurel notices the bruise on her face, though she lies that she bumped into someone. Jeremiah offers her cereal that she accepts. Susannah bursts in, full of glee, as Belly is going to be a deb, after all. She can't wait to go shopping for both Belly and Laurel, as the latter needs a new style for her book party. Conrad doesn't think the deb is Belly at all. Susannah asks which of the boys will be her escort, with Conrad refusing as he went last year. Jeremiah refuses as he hates balls. Belly isn't going with either of them; she's going to find her own date. The girls prepare for shopping while the boys head to work, and Conrad heads off to do his own thing.

TSITP 1x02 6034

Conrad models for Laurel.

Conrad comes home that afternoon so Susannah asks him to change into something nice so she can paint him first. After all, he's the only one who doesn't have things to do. Susannah paints Conrad. She asks about Nicole, but he doesn't want to turn this into a bonding experience. He's sitting and happy to be there but doesn't want to bond. She's just trying to connect with him before he leaves for a year. She brings up Belly looking nice in her new dress. Conrad broods in response. If he wants to spend his summer moping around, she can't stop him, but he's not sleeping until 2:00, or day drinking anymore. She wants him to be productive by getting a job. He agrees so she tells him to sit still and sit up, making them both chuckle.

TSITP 1x02 6036

Conrad looks on after Belly left.

That night, Steven, Conrad, and Jeremiah play video games while Belly waves goodbye to them. Jeremiah instantly stands up as she looks hot. Steven snaps to stop flirting with his sister. She isn't going to the book party but to the drive-in but doesn't tell them with whom. They boys leave later in the evening for Laurel's book signing event.

TSITP 1x02 6038

Cleveland gives Conrad his card.

Laurel talks with Cleveland Castillo, a fellow author, who is planning to write a sailing novel but doesn't know anything about the topic. She points out Conrad who's been pounding chardonnay all night. She calls him over and he scrambles over awkwardly. Laurel tells Conrad about Cleveland's situation, adding that the teen placed second in a regatta last year. Cleveland asks for lessons. Conrad thinks Susannah put her up to this and stalks off. He gives Laurel his card, anyway. Conrad finds the boys and wants to go somewhere else. Their weed dealer was arrested last year, so Conrad suggests going to the drive-in to crash Belly's date. The trio decides it's a good idea.

TSITP 1x02 6039

Conrad, Jeremiah, and Steven crash Belly's date.

They pull up next to Belly and Cam, though the latter doesn't notice their arrival. She quickly sends Cam off for a drink before confronting the boys. Once Cam is gone, she angrily confronts the boys. They have no right and need to leave. He tells her to relax as they were just joking around. She threatens to tell everyone about his Dramione fanfic. The Fisher boys laugh at the idea, with Jeremiah teasing that he shouldn't be embarrassed, Draco's hot. Belly again requests them to leave. Conrad decides it's time to go which annoys Steven, as Conrad is the one who wanted to come. The car speeds off as Conrad watches Belly's look of betrayal and anger. Back in the car, Belly thanks a recently returned Cam for the soda.

TSITP 1x02 6043

Conrad and Belly argue.

After her date, Belly says goodnight to Cam and goes inside, where Conrad is waiting in the kitchen. He asks how her hot date was, then tells her to relax when she gets angry at him for coming. All she wanted was to go to a drive-in with a guy that she thinks is cute and sweet, but they had to come and ruin it. He doubts them showing up for two minutes ruined it. She should grow up. She doesn't understand why he couldn't let her have this one thing. She wants him to admit what he was doing, which confuses him, so she elaborates. He was reminding her that he existed. He cared about where she was and who she was with. He denies it so she yells at him to stop lying. He counters by telling her to stop being such a baby. He's not an adult either as he spent his Saturday crashing her first date for fun. He tells her to forget it. She snaps at him to go smoke some more pot. He angrily tells her to go look in the mirror some more then stalks out of the kitchen.

She wonders if this the way all crushes die. With a whimper, slowly, and then, just like that, gone.[4]

TSITP 1x03 6045

Conrad teaches Belly about infinity.

Belly's birthday arrives and it's always a celebration at the house. It's the one day of the year where the boys have to include her in everything. One year, Conrad uses syrup to draw an infinity symbol on her pancakes. He explains that he learned about it in math class. There's no start or end point, it just goes on forever - that's infinity.

TSITP 1x03 6046

Conrad takes out Belly's gift.

Belly comes down to her traditional breakfast, everyone wishing her a happy birthday, and complimenting her. She refuses the pancakes as she isn't hungry, so Laurel suggests they open presents instead. Laurel gives her a first edition book of poems, with her favorite bookmarked; everyone recites it from heart. Susannah gifts her a pearl necklace that once belonged to her mother. Jeremiah gives her a good luck charm for her keys, so she'll pass her driving test. Steven gives her a Princeton sweatshirt, so she won't steal his next years, though Laurel didn't know he was still considering Princeton. He's looking to scholarships and financial aid. Conrad starts to remove a box from his pocket but decides against it. He tells Belly her forgot her birthday, and she feigns as though she isn't expecting something. He leaves for a lesson with Cleveland.

TSITP 1x03 6049

Conrad and Cleveland.

Conrad tries to teach Cleveland how to tie a bowline knot, though Cleveland doesn't understand the convoluted metaphor. He wants Conrad to help him prep for an interview with Good Morning Massachusetts so he doesn't get canceled by the sailing community.

TSITP 1x03 6050

Conrad arrives with Nicole.

He returns to the beach house with Nicole, who greets Belly with a happy birthday. Belly introduces Taylor to Nicole, noting that playing chicken was her idea. Belly asks if they want to play a real game. They face-off against one another in boys-against-girls pool volleyball. They have fun together until Taylor volleys the ball into Nicole's forehead. Taylor remarks that it was an accident, but Belly makes sure Taylor is okay. She says she fine but her and Conrad go inside to get some ice. Taylor stops Belly from helping, as Conrad can take care of her. They should go inside and look at themselves in the mirror some more. He pauses then tells them to have fun with that.

TSITP 1x03 6051

Conrad checks on Nicole.

Once inside, Conrad gives Nicole some ice and makes sure she's okay. She thanks him for taking care of her, which he's happy to do any time. As she tries to kiss him, he gets a text from Cleveland and suddenly remembers he's late for the interview. He rushes out of the house. He arrives at the bookstore where Laurel and Susannah are watching the interview from the outside. Conrad realizes that he's too late and has missed the interview.

TSITP 1x03 6053

Laurel comforts Conrad.

Back at the house, Laurel sits next to Conrad outside and admits she's checking in on him. He's fine, a retort she mimics. They used to talk and now they barely do. He's still her special guy, the first baby, and he can talk to her about anything. He thanks her so she adds that he doesn't have to hold everything in all the time. He doesn't have to always be strong. He begins to tell her something when Laurel juts in that it's been a while since she was his age, but remembers what it's like to have her heart broken. Conrad realizes what she's talking about and quickly agrees, adding that it was brutal.

TSITP 1x03 6057

Conrad realizes Belly never asked Cam to be her escort.

After dinner, the kids attend Nicole's party. Jeremiah, Cam, Conrad, and Luke play beer pong together. Conrad asks Cam if he's started the waltz lessons yet as Ms. Covington's a real sadist. Cam's confused as Belly hasn't asked him yet. Jeremiah assures him that she will. Belly joins them outside, with Jeremiah hugging her happily. She remarks on Cam drinking, but he insists it's just water; Jeremiah's been drinking for him. Jere wraps his arm around Cam - he loves this kid so much. Belly asks if they can leave now, to which Cam quickly agrees. As the couple leaves, Cam asks if she's into Jeremiah, though she thinks he meant Conrad. He's sure that he meant Jeremiah as he got that vibe from them.

TSITP 1x03 6058

Belly finds Conrad's gift.

The next morning, Jeremiah plans to take Belly to get muffins and asks her to get the car keys from Conrad's room. He isn't home as he spent the night at Nicole's, though the keys should be in his desk. Once in his room, Belly opens his drawer, pushing aside the condoms. She finds a small black jewelry bag, which she opens. Inside is a box with an infinity necklace inside. She's happy to know he remembered infinity, but wonders if he knows that for him, she would've traveled endlessly around those curves. She puts the bag back inside the drawer.

During her drive with Jeremiah, she vents over not understanding Conrad this summer because he's been acting weird since the day she got there. He assures her that Conrad's been acting weird for months, suggesting that she just forget him. He tries to deter her by talking about Cam but she interrupts that Nicole really likes Conrad, and if he's not into her, then it's messed up. His sigh catches her attention, so he explains that last night she was all about Cam Cameron but today she's obsessing over Conrad.

TSITP 1x03 6060

Conrad bonds with Cleveland.

Conrad has another lesson with Cleveland. He wonders if he'll get a lecture over messing up, but that's the role of parent, something Cleveland is not. It's not the end of the world that he showed up late - he just made-up stuff on national television. However, he wants to know the real reason Conrad was late. He admits to being with a girl and they lost track of time. Cleveland chuckles over being 17 again, but wants Conrad to be on time from now on. He's also been practicing his bowline for hours and hours, which is why he can do it. Conrad praises him for making a bowline, with Cleveland teasing that he's ready for the America's Cup.[2]

TSITP 1x04 6062

Conrad learns Adam might not come.

The Fourth of July in Cousins is all about traditions. Susannah decks out the whole house, the dads come up for the weekend, and the boys steam clams and shoot off fireworks. Conrad prepares to wash the clams, Jeremiah finishes his milk, and Steven finishes his portrait with Susannah. Susannah tells the boys that their father can't come, as he's closing a deal. Jeremiah is disappointed at he has fireworks to show him, but Susannah promises to take a video.

TSITP 1x04 6063

Conrad helps Belly make the bed.

Conrad helps Belly make the guest room up for John and his girlfriend's arrival. He teaches her to do the 45-degree angle for tight corners. She wonders if this is what it would be like if they were together and older. She asks if he finds it weird that Victoria and John are staying at the house, but he jokes that they won't have loud sex. Belly calls her bitchy, but Conrad suggests she give her a chance as she might be a nice person. He tells her it will be fine. She's sorry his dad isn't coming, but he's not. A car honking outside signals the arrival of John and Victoria.

TSITP 1x04 6066

Conrad jokes Victoria could be their future stepmom.

Jeremiah, Belly, Steven, and Conrad watch from inside as their moms greet Victoria and John. Conrad comments that Victoria is hot, and Belly wonders why he'd say that. Conrad notes that she could be his future stepmom, but Steven isn't happy with the remark. They begin to playfully fight moments before the new couple enters. The brothers hurry off to leave the Conklins with their new arrivals. The debs arrive shortly later, so Conrad goes swimming with Nicole. They flirt in the pool as he can't stop smelling her, remarking that he le lab's her perfume.

TSITP 1x04 6067

Conrad and Belly make margaritas.

He goes inside where he finds Belly and Jeremiah making margaritas. He suggests using the good blender, which hasn't been used since the Kool-Aid debacle of 2011. He doesn't think Adam will be mad since he's not coming. She pours in the good tequila; Conrad laughs as she needs a lot more and helps her pour it in, earning laughs from everyone. Conrad misses watching Laurel put Adam in his place, mimicking Laurel's voice when she says his name. Seconds later, Laurel remarks that Adam came as the man emerges from around the corner. Jere happily hugs his father, Belly gives him a drink, while Conrad stays quiet. Susannah enters and is surprised to see him there. Everyone goes back to the party at her request, while Conrad brushes off Adam's request to talk as he's going to the beach.

TSITP 1x04 6069

Conrad drinks a margarita.

Belly brings a pitcher of margaritas to the beach where Gigi, Shayla, Conrad, Nicole, and Steven have gathered. Jeremiah arrives with Cam, who takes a seat next to Belly. Nicole jokingly tells Conrad to slow down as it's not a race. Belly suggests making it a race since it's the Fourth of July, after all. The group plays, drinks, then dances, adding new liquor to the margaritas. The boys play cornhole while the girl's dance. Belly continues to drink, now heavily intoxicated. Cam and Steven win against Conrad and Jeremiah.

TSITP 1x04 6070

Conrad with his father.

The Fisher brothers play football until Adam intercepts to play. He spoke to Coach Walsh from Brown as there's a spot on the summer session team waiting for Conrad, but he's good there. Jeremiah changes the subject to his firework display. Adam can't wait to see it. He offers to show Conrad how to run a post, but the boys need to dig the clam pit. Adam offers to help but Conrad suggests he spends some time with mom instead. Jeremiah follows him and tells Conrad to be nice to Adam for the day and squash whatever problem he has. He proceeds to throw dirt on Conrad when the boy is flippant, then asks again for him to please squash the problem.

TSITP Bonrad 1x04 5811

Conrad in the shower.

Belly's drunken ramblings chase the rest of the teens away, so she goes in search of someone to talk too. She finds Conrad showering in the outside shower. Everyone else left but they still have margaritas to drink. He can't drink it in the shower, requesting that she leave it outside and he'll get it when he's done. She giggles while watching him shower. He asks if he can shower and they both chuckle. She's always liked him with wet hair as it's so romantic. He wonders what's so romantic about wet hair, but she resigns that he just doesn't get it. He scoffs it off and then asks how many drinks she's had. It's somewhere between two and five, which isn't important, a comment that makes him chuckle. She asks if he bought the infinity necklace for her birthday, which surprises him. His silence is her confirmation. She knew she was right. He asks for some privacy, so she walks away.

TSITP 1x04 6071

Conrad is not happy with his father.

Later in the day, Susannah brings the cake out to the porch, but Belly trips on the stairs and crashes into her. They both fall to the ground and the cake smashes apart. Susannah goes inside to clean up, while Belly is taken back to the house by her father. As such, the party disperses. The boys clean up from the party until Conrad tells them to set up the fireworks while he cleans up. Adam comes outside to smoke a cigarette, asking if Conrad got everything cleaned up. He did so Adam reprimands him for letting Belly drink that much. He's the oldest and is supposed to look out for the younger kids, ignoring his claim of not knowing she was drinking that much. Conrad scuffs that he doesn't know why he thought he could talk to his dad. Adam tries to apologize as he has a lot going on right now, but Conrad tells him to just leave as he goes inside.

TSITP 1x04 6073

"Belly, you don't know the effect you have on people."

Belly puts on her bathing suit for a late-night swim but sees Conrad out at the dock watching the fireworks. She joins him, asking if everyone hates her now. He wonders who could ever hate her. She admits to thinking her mom just had sex, which surprises him, making him laugh. He remarks "go Laurel" as they both chuckle. They watch the fireworks, unaware that Jeremiah has come out of the house and is watching from the porch. Conrad starts to tell her about the necklace. She apologizes for bringing it up earlier. He did get it for her but doesn't know why he didn't give it to her. He supposes that he got embarrassed, which confuses her. He sighs that she doesn't know the effect she has on people.

TSITP Bonrad 1x04 5822

Conrad and Belly almost kiss.

She's confused as she doesn't know what he's talking about. He remarks that she does. They begin to move closer as if they are about to kiss. Suddenly, fireworks zoom past Conrad and Belly, interrupting their near-kiss and going off in the sky. They look back to see Jeremiah going into the house. Belly looks to Conrad, who remains stoic, looking at the water. She looks away just as he looks at her. They proceed to watch the fireworks in silence.[5]

One of Belly's favorite memories of Summer in Cousins started with a song and ended with a boy. As a girl, she struggles to learn the moves to a song, asking Steven for help. He scoffs her off, but Conrad, who plays chess with the boys, decides to show her. He explains that his mom taught him how to "shag". They hold hands as they successfully do the dance until they bump into one another again. He offers his hand though she's nervous as hers is sweaty, he doesn't mind as he is too. They continue to dance. In the present day, Conrad wakes up in his room, smiling. He looks out his window then checks his phone, sees a good morning text from Belly, and smiles. He goes into Belly's room looking for her, but only finds the messy empty room. He touches Junior Mint on the nose as he leaves.

He goes to the kitchen to make coffee, ultimately giving the last cup to Jeremiah. Conrad asks where Belly and everyone else are, learning they're at the club for the deb events. He offers to make eggs but Jere has to get to work. He inquires about the good mood, though Conrad teases that he's happy to be alive after nearly being blown up by him. Jere apologizes and lies that he didn't know they were out there. He asks what they were doing, though Conrad only reveals they were talking. Jere is running late so he downs the last bit of milk in a cereal bowl, which Conrad adds is disgusting, before offering to drive him. Jere doesn't have time and rushes off. Laurel walks into the kitchen just as the boys breeze out.

He arrives at the Country Club and watches Paige scold Jeremiah for distracting her class. She gives him keys to the supply closet and sends him on his way. He passes Conrad as he leaves. Belly sees him and he waves, making Belly wave back. She then notices that Nicole is standing in front of her, waving back at Conrad, and Belly realizes the wave might not have been meant for her. She looks at her phone to see a text from Conrad hoping to see her when she gets back. The girls resume their rehearsal.

Conrad joins Cleveland on his boat and they discuss what they're catching for the day. Cleveland wonders why Conrad is in such a good mood, considering the shit show of last night. Conrad admits it's a girl, but not the same one he blew Cleveland off for during Good Morning Massachusetts. He offers to give advice, though Conrad is skeptical, noting the man is a hundred. Cleveland has good advice to give and is doing just fine on his own, as he's considering texting a woman he had a liaison with last night. Conrad begins guessing who the woman is - half his age. Cleveland interrupts as the woman is a mature, divorced, talented writer that he met recently and would like to see again. Conrad encourages him to text her as she's probably hanging out with his mom right now.

As the afternoon drifts on, they catch fish, though Cleveland won't go back to land until Conrad tells him about the mystery girl. He chuckles as he smiles sheepishly. They grew up together so he always thought of her as a little kid, but now, she's not anymore. He doesn't know if he likes her as he has so much other stuff going on. If they started something, he feels as though he could mess it up. Cleveland has learned one thing from years of overpriced therapy; you can't be good with someone else until you're good with yourself. That's how he tanked his last relationship.

Conrad returns to the Beach House where he straightens up the pool patio from the mom's food high. He finds Jeremiah's portrait as he holds Susannah's sweater. He thinks back to covering her with the blanket and then smacks the stand over. He picks it up with much chagrin. Belly joins him outside and watches him for a moment before they greet each other.

She remarks that he's back and then offers to help him clean up. He asks how she and her mom are and they're good. She admits to breaking up with Cam so he asks why. They almost kissed last night but he doesn't remember as he was pretty wasted. She can't believe he's serious. He doesn't know what he wants to say, wondering if he should apologize. She asks if he is but he doesn't know. He thinks about her, she knows he does, but he can't. She's not going to wait for him anymore. She walks away and he watches with a dissatisfied look.

Conrad takes his cleaning spree inside to straighten up the kitchen from the mom's rendezvous. Jeremiah pours a glass of milk and puts it in the sink. Conrad ridicules him as it wouldn't kill him to wash it. Jeremiah wonders what happened to the good mood Conrad from that morning. They all need to helping and mom and Laurel. Jere remarks that they made the mess around them. Conrad's phone is blowing up from Nicole, who wants him to go to the Yarmouth Music Fest next weekend. He's thinking about going and Jere thinks he should. Conrad asks him to please put his milk away so he does but sneaks off without washing his glass.

Late that night, Susannah comes into the house and takes off her sweater, hanging it up. She starts up the stairs but becomes woozy. She sits on the step and leans against the wall. Conrad finds her and asks if she's had a big today. He helps her go upstairs so she won't fall, which makes her laugh as she's not gonna fall.[6]

As the deb bell inches closer, Susannah waits outside as Conrad rushes down, as he doesn't have time to talk as Cleveland just texted him. She promises it'll only take a second. She wants him to be Belly's escort to the deb ball. He refuses and suggests she tell Jeremiah to take her instead. Susannah reminds him that it would mean a lot to Belly if Conrad took her. He's always been her Prince Charming and they all know it. He tries to refuse, so she brings up him being the only one who'd let her tag after her and the boys. She just wants it to go perfectly for him. She asks him - for her. He says he'll think about it. She reminds him not to be late this afternoon for the tournament, as they need help setting up. They repeat the "Play It Forward" mantra. It's still not too late for him to sign up, but he quickly shuts the idea down, though she smirks that it's a maybe.

At the shipyard, Conrad pulls apart the side of Cleveland's boat, revealing wood rot within. He shows him how brittle it is. They have to pull apart bits until they reach clean wood. He yanks off another piece until to get a splinter, causing him to curse. Cleveland remarks that he's on edge, wondering if his bad week is because of his dad or the girl. Conrad admits things aren't looking good with her. He starts to become emotional as he pries off more wood - this isn't looking good either. It just keeps going and going. The whole goddamn thing is infected, and he didn't notice. His emotions, now brimming, are joined with tears as he proclaims that the infection is everywhere, and he didn't even notice. He starts to stand, and Cleveland asks what's going on. Conrad, through wheezing breaths, says that his heart is beating really fast and it's hard for him to breathe. Cleveland puts his hand on Conrad's chest, guiding him back to the seat as he assures him it's normal. He's having a panic attack. He instructs him to look at him, to take deep breathes, softly talking him through deep breathing exercises. Cleveland asks what's going on, as whatever it is, he can't keep it bottled up forever. Conrad, through strained words, admits that it's his mom.

Cleveland continues to teach Conrad breathing exercises to help with his anxiety attacks. Four seconds inhale through his nose, seven to hold, and eight to exhale. The techniques were taught to him after his second book released. He had his first full-blown panic attack and went to the E.R. thinking it was a heart attack. Afterwards, he learned coping methods. He suggests that Conrad tell his mom that he knows. He wants to, he swears, but every time he tries, he just can't. She doesn't want him or his brother to know and finding out he does know would crush her and ruin everything. Maybe by him keeping it all inside, he's keeping her alive somehow. Cleveland understands - he doesn't want to step on a crack or be the one to make it real. But this isn't something he can control. It's happening whether he says it out loud or not. This isn't on him. Conrad looks up, as if realizing this for the first time, and repeats that it's not on him.

Once back at the beach house, Belly makes a smoothie when Conrad enters the kitchen, greeting her. He asks if she's feeling good about the tournament, and she feels ready. If she stays ready, she doesn't have to get ready. She chuckles as that's super cheesy. He suggests she try coming up with a motivational phrase with no cheese. She tries for a moment but can't do it, making them both laugh. He apologizes, not for being cheesy, but for being a jerk the other day and pretending her didn't remember when he did remember everything. He keeps replaying it in his head. He knows it's too little too late but asks if he can take her to the ball. This catches her off-guard. He already knows all the dances so it's not a problem. The doorbell rings so she stammers out that she'll think about it.

At the tournament, team's warm-up for the big events yet to come, while Conrad sets up the umbrellas. He finds Nicole to give her a heads up that his mom is freaking out that Belly doesn't have an escort to the ball. She asked him to take Belly. Nicole wonders why she doesn't just go with Jeremiah. Conrad nervously admits that Jere hates this kind of thing and plus, he remembers all the dances. She remembers that he's very good at dances. They chuckle over the memory, and he offers to get her a drink, which she accepts.

Taylor and Belly take their places and do their signature shake. They expertly volley and perform, beating out their opponents as Jeremiah and Conrad cheer from the sidelines. Taylor dives for the ball and lands hard on the ground. Belly asks if she's okay, though Taylor says her ankle is twisted. She looks over to the sidelines where Jeremiah is nervously watching. She asks him to please sub, which he eagerly agrees too. He takes Taylor's spot, and she limps off the court, tossing her "Team Belly" shirt to him in the process. Nicole hands Conrad a drink as he watches them play. Team Belly wins their match, and she jumps into his arms in a victory hug.

Team Belly faces off again with new partners, though Jeremiah continues to miss spikes, dives, and returns. Belly grows increasingly frustrated as she wants to win. She calls a time out and looks over to Conrad who is standing behind the fence. She apologizes to Jeremiah as she has to win this, as they'll match her pledges. He gets it so she gestures to Conrad, telling him that she needs him to sub in. As Jeremiah walks off the court, he tosses the shirt to Conrad, who catches in. The new Team Belly takes their positions. They catch up to their opponents and successfully win with a serve from Conrad.

They advance through the remaining teams and come up with their own team gesture. Team Belly faces against Team Shayla - compromised of Shayla and Steven. Both teams are good, exchanging scores and shots, constantly neck-and-neck. Belly scores the winning point and Conrad picks her up in a hug, spinning her around. He puts her down and they twirl about. Susannah rushes out with the trophy and asks Conrad if he asked Belly yet. This confuses Belly, so Susannah explains that he's supposed to ask her to the deb ball, per her request, since it's taking her so long to decide. Laurel runs out to hug Conrad and Belly.

Back at Beck's, Steven and Jeremiah play videos games and talk about the party that night. Jere decides not to go which upsets Steven. Jere looks over at the trophy on the end table. Conrad comes into the room so Jeremiah leaves, claiming he has stuff to do. Conrad asks Steven what's going on with Jere, and Steven doesn't know, so it's just going to be them tonight. Conrad is contemplating bailing too, but Steven will be mad if he doesn't, which makes Conrad cave. Steven admits that Conrad's really neglected him that summer. He wins his match and shares a high five with Conrad.

Steven and Conrad arrive at the house as the former gushes over the grand displays of wealth. Conrad admits it is pretty crazy, with Steven brushing him off as being rich too. Conrad isn't rich like this, though. These kids grew up going to boarding schools and seeing their families once a year, which is why they're all such assholes. Steven calls him a buzzkill then sees Jeremiah over by a fountain drinking, which makes Steven cheer that his buddy rallied. Even Conrad cracks a smile at the scene. Conrad asks Steven who Jeremiah's hooking up with these days, though Steven says no one. He shares Shayla's crazy theory that Jeremiah is hooking up with his sister, which surprises Conrad. It sickens Steven, too, but Shayla has a lot of crazy theories and Jere knows he'd kill him if he ever touched his little sister. Jeremiah calls over to Steven to try the ice luge, so Steven walks off. Conrad pulls out his phone to text someone.

Jeremiah finds Conrad texting on the stairs and sits with him. Jere asks him if he's noticed anything weird about mom as she's been sleeping more. Conrad plays it off as Susannah just sleeping more during the summer, so Jere taunts back with a "fuck you". He congratulates him on the win today. He knows how much Conrad hates to lose. It's not about winning for Conrad; it's about doing things the right way. Nicole angrily tells Conrad they need to talk. Jeremiah answers a call from Belly and is surprised by what she says. He immediately gets up and heads out of the party.

Conrad and Nicole talk outside. She was at Hoppers Cove and saw his text to Belly. He flat out lied to her - actively and passively. He used her like a backup, letting her think this could be something, making up a whole story about how his mom is forcing him to take Belly to the ball. He starts to respond but she stops him. She's been trying to figure this out the whole summer, whatever this is, but it's always been about Belly. She's annoyed with herself for getting caught up in this because she knows better. He insists he didn't mean to hurt her. She stops him as he didn't hurt her; he wasted her time and there's a difference. There's a lot of guys who want to be with her, even a hot-ass college guy from Oxford who's obsessed with her. He knows what he wants. Conrad isn't sure what to say. He gets it, he led her on, and fucked everything up. There's a lot of shit he's been dealing with and that's not excuse, but he is sorry, as it wasn't fair to him. Nicole hands him a bag with clothes in it, which his girlfriend and her friend are going to need.

Taylor and Belly sit on the side of the road as two cars pull up. Jeremiah asks if they're okay, rushing over with Conrad following suit. Taylor sharply asks what Conrad is doing. He explains that Nicole told him what happened. She hopes he told her to watch her back. Conrad hands the bag to Taylor, and they have the boys hold up the blanket while they change. Belly asks Taylor if she's okay with her going with Jeremiah, which is fine. Conrad gets in his car and Taylor climbs into the passenger seat, buckling in. He remarks that it's a crazy night. It didn't have to be, if he could just stop playing all these games and just let her go, it would have been a great night. Conrad starts the car in silence.

Once at Beck's, Belly lays in bed with Taylor sleeping next to her. Her phone chimes and opens it to find a "u up?" text from Conrad. She gets out of bed and goes to the dock where he's sitting. He greets her but she cuts right to the chase. To stop texting her as it's triggering, as bad things happen when he does. He knows that and is sorry. He hands her the infinity necklace as it's hers. She doesn't have to keep it or anything. She can throw it in the ocean or burn it. A moment passes as he steps closer to her. He admits that he just doesn't want to lose her. She looks up at him then down at the necklace. His hand touches her forearm, and she looks back up at him. She reveals that it's too late and walks away, leaving him with the necklace. He watches her leave, tears brimming.[7]

The day of the deb ball arrives. Belly comes into the kitchen and Conrad quickly hands her some of the good muffins that he picked up this morning. He smiles at her as she looks at them. After a moment, she decides that she's good. Susannah tells Belly she should get going soon. She reminds everyone to stay out of the living room as she's completed their paintings and tonight after the ball, they'll have a big unveiling. Belly begins to leave when Conrad stops her in the hallway. He tells her to break a leg. That would be bad since she's supposed to be dancing all night. He just means good luck, as it's a thing people say. For what it's worth, Jere was the right choice. She knows that and leaves.

At the ball, Conrad accompanied Susannah who she called him "handsome date". They meet with Jeremiah and Laurel by the door. Susannah remarks that they're perfect, the moment is perfect. She tears up and Jeremiah asks if she's going to cry. She refuses as it would ruin her makeup. It's just that things are going to be different next year with Conrad going off to college. It might be the last summer they're all together. Jeremiah reminds her that he gets a dance from her tonight. He takes her hands and they rock back forth. He dips her happily while Conrad watches whilst smiling. When Jere pulls Susannah up she loses her balance and becomes woozy. He makes sure she's okay, and she blames it on being out of practice. She and Conrad head inside while Jeremiah looks pensive.

Conrad, Jeremiah, and Steven meet-up in the boys green room. Conrad asks if they're ready for the escort dance. Steven still can't believe that Jeremiah roped him into this, but Jere knows the girls are gonna love it. Conrad wishes they were doing it all together. Steven incredulously asks if Conrad wants to be doing a dance routine. Conrad quickly denies that, as he didn't mean the sentiment literally. They haven't hung out much this summer, accepting Jeremiah's remark that he's been pretty M.I.A. Conrad was thinking about it and they have a week or so left of summer, so her offers going on an overnight fishing trip. The boys happily accept which makes the nervous Conrad relax. He knows the guys are gonna kill this. He and Steven have a "bro hug", which Jeremiah refuses as he opts for a regular hug. He thanks Connie who lets out a long breath before beginning to leave. He turns back to tell them they look good and to kill it. The impending escorts exchange a look.

As everyone takes their places at their assigned tables, the debs make their debut. Conrad watches Belly in awe. She finds him in the crowd and gives him a nod. As the evening goes on, Conrad watches the escort dance and converses with the Fisher-Conklin families who are sitting at the same table.

It's soon time for the debs to perform their waltz, though Belly can't find Jeremiah. Susannah asks if Connie has seen his brother, who Conrad remarks was just here a second ago.

Belly takes her place on the floor alone, the other debs beginning to whisper and stare at her. She feels as though she's living the dream where she's standing in front of the classroom naked and everyone is staring at her. She begins to panic just as Conrad stands up from his chair. She looks up from her nervous fidgeting and they lock eyes across the dance floor. He walks up to her and she smiles at him as he joins her, standing a few inches apart. They smile at one another as he admits to knowing most of the steps. He takes her hand and leads her into the line as he takes his place to her left.

The dance begins as the deb take their escorts hands, moving in a beautiful waltz. Susannah remarks to Laurel that Belly looks luminous. Laurel knows that Conrad is the sun, and when the sun comes out, the stars disappear. They dance together perfectly as Jeremiah walks back inside, averting his eyes when he sees them gracefully dancing near Steven and Shayla. Susannah asks Jere where he was and he lies that the shrimp was probably bad. Jere watches Belly dance with Conrad. The dance ends with a dip. When the song ends, Belly thanks him, though he thinks he messed up some of the steps. She thinks he was great and he's glad that it was him.

Their talk is interrupted when Jeremiah grabs Conrad's shoulder and, eyes filled with tears, says they have to talk as it's important. It's about their mom - he found something. Conrad deflates and asks to talk about this later. Jere refuses as it's important. Conrad gently tells his brother that it's okay, putting his fingertips on his chest. He gives him a calm, yet emotional look. Jere looks down at his brothers hand and back up again, realizing that Conrad already knows.

Jeremiah brims with anger as Conrad's known this whole fucking time and didn't tell him. Conrad starts to explain when Jeremiah punches his brother across the jaw, earning gasps from the crowd. He tackles Conrad to the floor by wrapping his arms around his waist. The brothers fall to the ground as they wrestle about. Susannah rushes over and tells them both to stop it. Jere stands up as Conrad gets his bearings. She demands to know what is going on. Jere looks at his mom tearfully as Conrad looks to him then back to his mom. They know - they both know. Belly is confused as she asks what they know.

Once back at Beck's, the kids portraits are on display in the living room. Each kid painted to a stunning resemblance that captures their personalities. On the couch, Susannah apologizes for the night turning out like this as it isn't how she wanted them to find out. She strokes Jere's hair as he asks if she's going to do the trial. She fights back tears as she says no. She can't as the chances are very slight, nonexistent really, and she can't go through all that again. It was too hard the first time. He thinks that she could try - she has to try. She wants to be herself when she goes, asking if that makes sense. It doesn't make sense to him, none of this makes any sense. She knows as she isn't good at this. She holds hi face, admitting that mommy's not good at this. She turns to Conrad and rubs his knee. She should have known that he knew, but she just didn't want to believe it. Jeremiah urges her to try it if there's even a chance. He urges Conrad to tell her, but he stays quiet. Jere asks why he's not saying anything. She can't just give up on them, she has to try. Conrad looks to Susannah and emotionally questions her, if she can just try for them. He needs her, a sentiment that encourages her to pull them both close to her. The boys cry into her as she gently rubs their arms.

With Susannah accepting the treatment, Laurel calls everyone together for dinner. The family sits around the table and eats while they laugh and converse. The next morning, Conrad and Belly sit on the beach to watch the sun rise. He can't believe that Susannah changed her mind. Belly remarks that he did it, but Conrad knows it was Jere who did it. He looks at her for a long moment then apologizes for being so shitty all summer. She knows he was going through all this alone. She wishes he told her so he didn't have to go through it alone. He almost did, a couple of times. They begin to lean in but she dismisses it as they should go in. There are so many things he wants to say to her, but she won't let him, not right now. He really needs someone right now and she doesn't want to be the kind of person who takes advantage of that. He doesn't just need somebody - he needs her. She doesn't want him to need her; she wants him to want her. They lock eyes as a moment passes. He does want her. He touches the side of her face and then cups her face as they connect in a kiss. Their noses graze afterwards before they kiss again, repeating the motion as the waves crash behind them.[8]

Season 2[]

Over the next year, Susannah dies and things get complicated between Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah.

In a flashback to the end of the last summer, Conrad and Belly walk home from the beach as they talk about their relationship and flirt. She tells him about Jeremiah admitting he has feelings for her and how they kissed. There were moments this summer when she thought there could be something between her and Conrad, but he shut down. He apologizes as he knows it's all his fault. He asks if she wants to be with Jeremiah. Being with Conrad is all Belly's ever wanted. He steps closer to tell her that she's it for him. She doesn't want to hurt Jere, and neither does he. She insists on talking to him first.

They walk into the kitchen holding hands and are caught by Susannah. Belly giggles and Susannah remarks that she knew it. Belly heads upstairs and Susannah encourages Conrad to sit. She wants to hear everything, but Conrad insists on changing first.

In the present day, Steven graduates from high school, though Jeremiah and Conrad aren't in attendance.

In a flashback, Belly tells Jeremiah about her kiss with Conrad and they fight. She tearfully tells Conrad about her fight with Jeremiah. He promises that things will be okay. She thinks they should hit pause so she doesn't make things harder for them. The most important thing is for him and Jere to be there for each other and Susannah. Their being together would make things impossible. She can't do that to him. He takes the infinity necklace out of his pocket. No matter what happens, they'll still be infinite.

In the present day, while preparing for Steven's grad party, Belly finds Conrad's Cousins Rowing t-shirt in her closet. The call from Conrad came the second week of September, three weeks since the last time she'd seen him. It felt like a dream, unreal. Conrad is in his dorm and makes sure it's okay that he called. She assures him they're still friends and friends can talk on the phone. She asks him how college is. It's cool, though his roommate snores louder than she does. He's heard her through the walls for years. Her school is boring and painful because of trig and the torture they're inflicting on students. She can't keep up with the letters. Conrad starts to advise her when Steven walks in looking for his kettlebell. Conrad greets Steven who eventually leaves. Conrad helps her with homework.

As time progresses, Conrad and Belly talk on the phone while doing laundry. After a while, he reveals that his dad cheated on his mom with his secretary. He found out last year when he found out his mom's cancer came back. He came home early from school, heard them fighting, and her crying so much. He's exhausted from not being able to turn his brain off, opening up about his anxiety. A scout from Finch is coming to see her and the team practice, which he didn't know. She insists on talking for five more minutes.

Another day, Belly tells Conrad about her weird thought - that her mom wouldn't have cared if her dad cheated. Nothing about her dad ever excited Laurel. She can't imagine marrying someone who didn't give her fireworks or electric jolts when she sees them. They talk about her parent's divorce. She asks how Jere is doing and he seems good, though he doesn't write back to Belly's texts. She learned that Venus is an evening star for 263 days of the year, disappears for 53 days, then returns as a morning star for 263 days. She tells him it's really bright next to the moon and is looking at it right now. She wishes they could look at it together. He gazes up at the sky from his bench and agrees with her. He couldn't be with someone who didn't make him feel electric either.

At a grad party, Steven accuses her of screwing up which is why Jeremiah and Conrad won't text him back. They wouldn't even come because she made things messy by being selfish. He accuses Belly of just having to have Conrad. She shouts that she was in love, out of her mind in love.

Belly leaves the party and cries in the car on the way home. Once home, she remembers Conrad visiting her before Halloween with candy. He wanted to see her, but she thought they would wait. He talked to Jere and he's doing really well, going on dates, and has been on a high since he was made Homecoming King. Jere's over the situation from summer. Conrad doesn't think he could ever get over Belly. Whenever he talks to Belly, he's just happy, and standing in front of her it's torture not being able to kiss her. She kisses him happily.

As Belly lays in bed that night, unable to sleep, she calls Jeremiah. He asks if she's with Conrad. She's not and asks what's going on. Conrad's gone, not answering calls or texts since yesterday, and told his roommate that everything was fucked and took off. He's going to Brown in the morning to look for him. Belly tells Jeremiah she's going with him.[9]

In a flashback, Belly escapes from her home and to meet up with Conrad. They have planned a secret getaway to Cousins Beach to spend time together over the Christmas break. On the drive over, Conrad reveals to Belly his decision to switch his major to Biology because he wants to go pre-med.

Now, Belly and Jeremiah learn from Conrad's roommate Trusky that he said something about "Cousins", and they deduce he's headed back to Cousins Beach. In a flashback, Belly reminisces about her getaway she had with Conrad. She thought back to the two of them running on the snow-covered beach and sharing intimate moments by the warm fireplace.

In present, Belly and Jeremiah finally reach the summer home. Jeremiah runs into the house and finds Conrad. They start arguing. Just as Belly enters the room, Conrad announces that the summer house is up for sale. Conrad is surprised and confused to see Belly there.[10]

Belly's confused as to why Adam is selling the house. Adam's not, their aunt Julia is because it legally belongs to her now that Susannah is dead. Jeremiah is mad that Conrad didn't tell him about any of this sooner. He wants Conrad to go back to school, but Conrad refuses as he doesn't care. Jeremiah accuses him of being selfish and leaves. Belly talks to Conrad, explaining they are both worried about him. He found out about the house two days ago. It was like losing his mom all over again. He plans to use his trust fund as a down payment.

Belly goes for a late-night swim, emerging to find Conrad sitting on the edge. She doesn't pretend she's in the Olympics anymore. He doesn't think she'd notice if the house were on fire when she's swimming, it's like she's somewhere else. That's what she likes about it. She goes back to swimming and when she surfaces, Conrad isn't there.

In the morning, Conrad tells Belly and Jeremiah that Julia is here now. It doesn't matter why she's here now because it's serious. He stalks off to make calls. Jeremiah asks Belly to talk some sense into him, as she's the only one who can get through to Conrad. Belly isn't sure Conrad cares what she thinks anymore. She throws away a can of cocoa while she and Jeremiah make a plan to get food and find Aunt Julia.

Belly flashes back to last year when she and Conrad prepare for prom. Laurel comes down and Belly reminds Conrad they have to pitch in together for the hotel room so they can hang out with their friends. Laurel teases Belly about it on her way upstairs. Belly asks if he wants her to order his tux, but he's got it. They hug and he tells her about his mom's doctors putting her on new meds, which means the old ones stopped working. Belly knows Laurel gets upset when Susannah isn't doing well, and since she's jovial, that must mean things are okay. The med change could mean Susannah is doing better but needs a smaller dose. The hug again and Belly recalls that while she didn't know it then, she was already losing him.

On prom night, Laurel is taking pictures of the group while on FaceTime with Susannah. As the girls show the corsages to Susannah, Conrad realizes he forgot Belly's corsage in his dorm fridge. Once at prom, Steven and Taylor dance with their dates. Steven tells Conrad to ask his sister to dance. Conrad finally does, but he's distant while they dance. He asks her to go somewhere else where they can talk, but she wants to stay there for a while. He might go back to school tonight for an exam. He offers to drop her off at the after-prom. He worries he'll ruin the rest of the night for her if he stays. He leads her outside to talk while Steven and Taylor watch. She asks him not to shut her out. He feels like he's disappointing her all day, and he can't go back inside with her. She follows him into the rain because if he won't say it then she will - that they're over. He doesn't want her to leave things like this, but he's the one leaving it like this. She takes off her necklace and runs back to the door, where Steven finds her sobbing. He embraces her as Conrad puts the necklace in his pocket. When she looks over, he's driving out of the parking lot.

In the present, Jeremiah and Belly arrive at the beach house as Conrad comes back from the beach. Jeremiah reveals they saw Aunt Julia and it didn't go well. Belly takes the groceries inside so the boys can talk. They make small talk about waves until Jeremiah offers to be there with Conrad when he calls Dad. There's no more doing things alone, and he's going to use his trust too.

Belly and Jeremiah join Conrad in the dining room. Conrad tells her she can stay as she helped them get this far, and it's as much her house as it is theirs. Adam phones in and Conrad and Jeremiah talk to Adam about the trust funds. He's denying them access to their trusts, as the money is for their futures. Conrad begins to argue with Adam, willing to beg. Belly drifts off as they argue, remembering Susannah's funeral.

Belly watches Jeremiah sob in the front row. The funeral was what she thought it would be. A eulogy from a pastor who never met her, people sobbing who barely knew her, and everything was expected. Until Conrad went to the front of the church to sing a song that Susannah always asked him to sing. Belly made a promise at that moment to be at Conrad's side, because he would need her. Steven and Belly arrive at the luncheon and she sees Jeremiah, asking to talk to him alone. She offers to take a plate of food to him upstairs if he wants to be alone, and he agrees. As she prepares the plates, Laurel criticizes Belly for wearing a dress that's too small. Belly wore it for Susannah, as it was her favorite. Steven offers to take the plate to Jeremiah, and she agrees. John comes over and she asks about Conrad, who he saw go into the rec room. She heads upstairs only to find Conrad with his head in a girl's lap. She quickly leaves and Conrad goes after her. He grabs her arm and she pulls away, angry. He explains the girl was Aubrey, who was just helping her. They argue and exchange hurtful retorts. He knew it was a bad idea to start something with her, a huge mistake, and she hates him. She never wants to see him again and falls when she tries to push past him. Laurel glares at Belly as the spectacle unfolds. Belly leaves the house in tears.

Now, Adam insists that he looked into everything legally after the funeral, but there was nothing he can do. Jeremiah is hurt that he knew this long about them losing the house. Conrad accuses him of never caring about the house or Mom. Adam refuses to let them buy the house, ending the conversation and telling them to make sure Julia has everything she needs. Jeremiah hangs up on him. Moments later, Taylor and Steven enter with pies and a gleeful surprise. Jeremiah explains that they're losing the house. The foursome takes a seat at the table.

Jeremiah sits on a bench by the pier, crying, when Conrad joins him. He apologizes for that morning. He was scared they would see him mess everything up. He was glad Jeremiah was there to talk with Dad, though. Jeremiah knew Julia was a stretch, but he thought he could convince Dad. He feels like everyone is slipping away and the house is the last thing holding everyone together. Conrad isn't giving up, and they'll figure something else out, putting his arm on his brother's shoulder. He doesn't have a plan yet, but they'll figure it out together. He thinks them all standing around during the open house being pains in the asses is a good place to start. They can fuck some shit up, and Jeremiah returns the comment.

Everyone sits in the living room together. Belly asks Conrad how Jere is, learning he's okay, and that Conrad isn't giving up. He thanks her and she joins everyone on the couch. Taylor makes Steven move out of Belly's spot on the couch. Belly wonders if Julia was right about Susannah thinking Cousins was a fantasy place, but she couldn't help but think she could convince everyone else. Conrad puts in the movie Belly chose. He gets a text and begins to act strangely, something Steven notices.

Conrad goes out to the beach, where he has a panic attack, struggling to breathe. Steven follows him to see if he's okay. Conrad collapses on the beach.[11] Steven runs out to try to help him and Conrad tells him he's fine. He tells Steven to just talk about anything while he tries to calm himself down. Steven recalls a memory about surfing from when they were younger to distract him, and he succeeds.

In the morning, Belly goes downstairs to find Julia in the kitchen trying to set up for an open house. She has fresh muffins on the counter for the people who attend the open house. Julia is still intent on preparing the house for a quick sale. Conrad, Belly, and Jeremiah try to stop Julia from selling the house. Conrad tells Julia she is the problem but Julia brushes him off.

The realtor shows up at the door and Belly tells her that Julia decided to cancel the open house. Julia runs out to assure the realtor that the open house will continue. However, the air conditioning breaks down and it's a scorching hot day, making it impossible for Julia to show the house without first fixing the air conditioner. She encourages the kids to go out while she handles it.

Belly comes up with a plan to distract the others by suggesting they head to the boardwalk and play the games they used to enjoy in their younger days. She invites Skye to join them, hoping that immersing them in the nostalgic fun will make them understand the charm of Cousins and the beach house, thus convincing their mother to change her mind about selling.

As the games progress, a friendly competition ensues between the two teams. Belly, Taylor, and Skye face off against Steven, Jeremiah, and Conrad. They play back to back games, like laser tag, Dance revolution, and Shoot Your Shot. Belly has some flashbacks of being on the boardwalk with Conrad when she was younger. She remembers him trying to flirt with another girl there and feeling heartbroken watching. At the time, Conrad only saw Belly as a kid. Conrad won her a stuffed animal at one of the boardwalk games.

Back at the boardwalk after Belly's team loses the competition, she has to ride the Tower of Terror. She is visibly terrified but Jeremiah kindly offers his support, assuring her that she doesn't have to face it alone. They seem to have fun by the end of the ride, as the others watch on.

After an entire day of fun and games, the kids return home, only to be met with a shocking discovery. The beach house has been stripped of everything -furniture, art, and everything that reminded them of Susannah. They now face the harsh reality that the beach house might be gone forever.[12]

The teens stand in the empty house. Jeremiah checks the bedrooms, which have been cleared out - even Susannah's. Julia comes into the kitchen and Conrad confronts her. After they argue, Conrad leaves while Jeremiah muses that the truth hurts; all of it hurts. He glares at Julia before leaving, and Belly follows him.

The teens gather on the front lawn as Conrad shouts to Jeremiah that their father, who won't answer the phone, doesn't care about them. Jeremiah, narrating, knows their father is flawed, but in the end, he was there when it mattered and Connie just couldn't see it. Or didn't want too. He's looked up to Conrad his whole life. He was smarter, faster, just better. Maybe a part of him needed that, someone to look up to, but a lot's happened and he doesn't feel that way anymore. They try to find somewhere to stay since Conrad can't sleep in the house. Cam would invite them to stay with him, but his house is small. Jeremiah can tell they're close to giving up, so he takes them to the Country Club to crash for the night.

Jeremiah's key card from last summer doesn't work so Cam offers to use his mom's key code. She's the restaurant manger so as long as they don't make any mess they'll be fine. Skye and Cam go on snack patrol while Steven and Taylor go in search of linens. Jeremiah knows a place they can sleep. Belly stays back with Conrad, who feels guilty over going to the boardwalk. He's losing hope but she assures him it's not over and they'll figure something out.

In a flashback, Jeremiah does paperwork when Conrad comes home from school for a surprise visit. All Jeremiah has for the insurance company is a sandwich bag full of receipts. Conrad asks how senior year is going, as Jere just won Homecoming King. Conrad brings up what happened with Belly last year. He feels bad as he didn't know they kissed until after. He's hoping for Jeremiah's blessing to date her now. Jeremiah can't believe he came there like this and tells him to do whatever he wants. Conrad wants to be with Belly and thinks she feels the same way, but she's afraid of hurting Jere. Conrad thinks about her all the time and his chest physically hurts to not be able to tell her that he's in love. Jeremiah knows there is only one right answer to this, even if it doesn't feel right at all. He tells Conrad to go for it.

Cam, Conrad, and Skye gather food. Cam heard a few days ago about a teen who bought a Maserati and crashed it. His grandfather had a trust fund for him. He got a judge to let him access it early, which is news to Conrad. Skye didn't expect the gossiping side from Cam.

Skye, Cam, and Conrad join Belly and Jeremiah in the screen room. Conrad offers to go look for Steven, so Jeremiah joins him. As they walk, Conrad tells Jeremiah about Liam Meyer's getting a judge involved to access their trusts early. He thinks they should do that. Jeremiah likes having around again. Conrad missed seeing Jeremiah and Belly together, as he knows Belly missed having him as a friend.

In a flashback to Thanksgiving, Jeremiah finishes setting the table while Belly's happy to celebrate with everyone this year. The Conklin-Fisher's sit at the table. Jeremiah notices Conrad holding Belly's hand. Susannah has them go around the table to say what they're thankful for. Jeremiah offers to go last. As the night progresses, Jeremiah wonders if Conrad knows how badly Jeremiah's wanted to take Belly's hand - or if he'd care.

Jere came back inside and found Belly and Conrad giggling together. Laurel called her upstairs to look through more '90s clothes. Conrad invited Jeremiah to play the Wii with them, but Jere refused. He asked Conrad to give him a heads up the next time Belly came over. He knew everyone would be there, but if they're going to be together, then Jeremiah didn't want to be around.

In the present day, Conrad and Jeremiah found Steven and Taylor in the deb room in a near-kiss. They broke apart and the brothers went along with Steven's explanation.

In the screen room, everyone watched a movie while Cam fretted over the mess Steven and Taylor made. Taylor wanted to make a bong out of an apple. Jeremiah offered to take everything outside before Cam had a stroke.

Cam drove a golf cart with Conrad in the passenger seat while Jeremiah and Steven bounced on the bank. The all decided to play Truth or Dare; Belly dared him to eat the apple bong. The boys came over and Conrad admitted he saw himself in Cousins in the next 10 years. Skye dared Belly to kiss Jeremiah. Jere brushed off the idea of a kiss as being childish. Skye asked Cam is biggest regret and he opened up about his sister who died. He told Jeremiah that it did get easier. The night winds down and they all fall asleep.

Jeremiah wakes up in the morning and Steven has his arm around Taylor. She shakes him off. Cam's mom comes over and Cam quickly explains the situation while he and Belly promise to all clean.

As they leave the club, Jeremiah asks Conrad about the Liam situation. Conrad has a contact for the lawyer, and Jeremiah reminds him that he's not doing things by himself anymore. They plan to tell Julia they have an offer she can't refuse.

The teens pull up to the house as Julia and the realtor are leaving. Julia wishes they had gone home. It's not their house anymore and it won't be hers for long, either. The buyers made an offer and she's officially accepted. The house is sold.[13]

The teens decide to bid a final farewell to the house by throwing an epic party. Conrad helps shop for decorations for the house. They party all evening.

Later, Skye reveals that Jules has added a new condition to the house sale – it will only be sold to a buyer willing to let the Fishers rent it for a week every summer. Jeremiah is thrilled by the idea of returning to the house, but Conrad believes they should move on. This disagreement leads to a heated argument between Conrad and Jeremiah. Jeremiah accuses Conrad of being a coward, giving up too easily when faced with challenges. Belly confronts Conrad about why he gave up on their relationship so easily, feeling that he didn't fight hard enough for them. [14]

Laurel drives up to Cousins and confronts Steven and Conrad about the condition of the house, believing they moved Susannah's belongings and trashed it. They tell her about Aunt Julia and the situation with the house. Laurel talks to Julia to see what she can do and Conrad is appreciative. After Julia pulls out of the sale, Conrad thanks Belly for calling Laurel. He then admits she's right that he shouldn't have ended things the way he did. They hug before she goes back inside.

Conrad admits he will lose his acceptance to Stanford if he doesn't take a final exam at Brown. Jeremiah won’t let that happen. Jeremiah plans an all-night study session to get him ready. He studies all night. Conrad takes the exam the next day. After he finishes, he walks out and sees Belly and Jeremiah kissing in the parking lot. [15]

Conrad rushes away, hurt and confused. Belly pursues him to try and talk but Conrad pushes her away. He even asks her if she was just trying to make him jealous. Conrad packs a bag and goes back to the car, pretending like everything is normal. Because of a flood warning, they stop and book a motel room. There is only one bed so the boys give it to Belly and they sleep on the floor. The next day, Conrad suggests to Belly that they remain friends and she agrees.

Conrad goes back to Cousins Beach. There, he paints the walls and puts everything back how it was. He sees the stuffed animal Belly got with him at the boardwalk and he looks at it nostalgically. [16]


Conrad has always been an intelligent, kind, focused athlete with a heart of gold. He's been the star athlete but remains serious and responsible, a contrast to his free-spirited brother. After finding out his mother has cancer and is refusing treatment, Conrad becomes moody, distant, and internalizes his emotions for the sake of preserving his mother's perfect last summer. He keeps her diagnosis a secret from everyone, and the burden of what he knows gives him anxiety and panic attacks. The panic attacks became more frequent after Susannah's death.

Physical Appearance[]

Conrad is described by Belly as being " dark, dark, dark" with a "smirky kind of mouth". But his appearance in the show, he is tall with his hair cut short around his ears and still described as " dark as ever".


Susannah Fisher[]

Susannah is Conrad's mother. The relationship between Susannah and Conrad is very strong and passionate. Though Conrad is secretive all the time, he knows that he can talk to his mother whenever he needs to.

Adam Fisher[]

Adam is Conrad's father.

Jeremiah Fisher[]

Jeremiah is Conrad's little brother.

Belly Conklin[]

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TSITP bonrad dd 2 1x07

Belly and Conrad dancing at the debutante ball.

Belly and Conrad are childhood best friends, though she harbored a secret crush and spent her early years waiting for him to see her as more than just a friend. She glamourized every interaction they had and longed for more. During her sixteenth visit to Cousins, Belly had grown up and described herself as "turning pretty". She caught the attention of Conrad for the first time, though he wasn't the light-hearted boy she used to know. His moody and distant attitude quickly isolated the friends, though he tried to open up to her a few times, but they were always interrupted. Belly also wanted this Summer to be different, and decided to be more social, though Conrad wanted to shield her from the dangers of partying. She struck up a brief romance with Cam, a boy she knew briefly when they were children. Conrad watched their relationship and even convinced Steven and Jeremiah to crash her first date. She decided to become a debutante, an idea that Conrad disliked as it "wasn't her", though she did it anyway. At a party, a drunk Belly calls Conrad's wet hair romantic.

Steven Conklin[]


Season 1[]

Season 2[]


  • Conrad is an accomplished junior sailor, having won several ribbsons and a trophy, all of which are displayed in his room.
  • In Love Lost, it was revealed that he goes to Brown University.


"I always remember everything when I drink."
— Conrad to Belly in Summer House
"If you stay ready, you won't have to get ready."
— Conrad to Belly in Summer Tides


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